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Our children currently start their day at 9am, coming in with their parent or carer, finding their own named coat peg, putting away their bags and book bags and then entering our main preschool room.

After finding their personalised name cloud on our self-registration wall, and saying goodbye to their grown-up, the children can choose any of the activities on offer with the support of one of our preschool adults. When everyone has arrived, we stop for our ‘Wake & Shake time’ to wake up our bodies and our minds! We then go back to our play!

Our older children have their small group storytime and phonics session in our story room whilst the younger children continue to play and come for their snack. A morning snack is a piece of fruit and a cup of milk, followed by either crackers, breadsticks and some cheese or a bowl of cereal with milk. Throughout snack we encourage the children to be as independent as possible with pouring their milk, eating using a spoon and clearing their own cups, bowls and plates away.

By mid-morning we are all ready to go outside and, after tidying away, we play in our outdoor areas for up to 45 minutes. This is when the children can run, climb, slide, balance, lift and move in different ways either through their own made-up games or with adult-led activities such as Duck, Duck, Goose and What’s the Time Mr Wolf!

On returning back inside, we have our quiet circle time. Our younger children have this time in our story room to share our books and to choose from our rhyming puppets to sing rhymes altogether with the preschool adult. Our older children are supported by the adults in the main room to sing new songs (often linked to our topic) as well as more familiar rhymes and number songs, such as Peter Hammers and 5 Currant Buns. We also use this time to focus on the children’s focus and attention skills using the Letters & Sounds Phase 1 program.

Lunchtime is held between 12 and 1 pm and this is the start of our afternoon session. The children attending are encouraged to bring in a healthy packed lunch and this is a lovely time for the children to share their news and join in with their peers’ and adults’ conversations.

Our afternoon sessions will often be a little more relaxed and more child-led in their play. We will take the children outside again to ensure they have as much physical activity as possible throughout their day. We also use this time to go for walks in our community.

At the end of a full day, after we have tidied up, the children have a ‘calm time’ either through yoga or listening to soothing music and doing ‘breathing exercises’. We are then ready to have a short time using our projector to watch and listen to a story linked to our topic. Our day currently finishes at 3pm.

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